Skyworth Officially Released M6 Tablet PC


3C Digital Products Developed Jointly with China Telecom
Skyworth Officially Released M6 Tablet PC

Tablet PC wins the most attention from consumers in the recent 3C digital products market. According to the market survey report released shortly by market research institute Gartner, the global shipment of Tablet PC in 2010 reaches 156 million, while that of 2011 will be estimated to be 573 million, which would achieve a month to month rate of 267.3%. Focusing on the heating Tablet PC market, Skyworth reacts rapidly to release the latest Tablet PC Product MID-M6.
As the flagship product of Skyworth’s latest Tablet PC, the design of M6 is simple but magnificent, with mirror face as the screen, four round corners, and integrative aluminum back cover, creating a very harmonious overall impression; it also gave full consideration to hand hold of the appliance during designing, and achieved a fine and soft feeling when being held by man.
As the featured product of Skyworth’s current Tablet PC, M6 is provided with HD 8 inch multi-touch capacitive screen, with the resolution of 1024x768, which is the highest of all 8 inch Tablet PC screen currently in the market. The screen can offer great reading and game experience, and is also equipped with multi-touch function and internally installed gravity sensor, making the machine more fashionable.
Skyworth, as a company with strong development and research capability, endows M6 with the top configuration, carrying the most advanced 1Ghz processor and 512M DDR2 RAM, preassembling with Android2.3 operating system and having a direct and personalized interface, supporting more than ten thousands kinds of application program, which makes the machine handle all the situation easily, no matter it is game, office regulatory business affairs or videos. The PC also supports 802.11.b/g/n wireless network and optional WCDMA/EVDO/TD-SCDMA system, which helps with getting on line to work or have fun anytime and at any place, and experience the brand new life style. Apart from the leading overall settings of all the Tablet PC, M6 still provides the TF card expansion at the most of 32GB, supporting HDMI output, which offers perfect solution to either exchange documents to other PCs or family HD output. On the other hand, a Tablet PC with such great functions is only of 2000 RMB market retail price, which possesses obvious cost performance. It is firmly believed that this Tablet PC with such high cost performance will cause a revolution in the Tablet PC market.
Apart from making great effort in the hardware, as to the application software, Skyworth and China Telecom made a 3C digital strategic agreement to start overall strategic cooperation in 3C digital field. In the aspect of Tablet PC, Skyworth will preinstall Magic Screen software of China Telecom, which can help users watch TV program and listen to broadcast program at any time, have access to all kinds of local service information, get all of the solutions of family media entertainment, and spare the troubles of install the software all by users themselves. Magic Screen offers abundant information and resources, which, by the strategic agreement with China Telecom, will be helpful to Skyworth in rapidly establishing its information advantages; at the same time, Skyworth will implement bundle sales together with China Telecom, and cut into the market promptly taking advantages of the operation channels across China. As the cooperation between Skyworth and China Telecom goes deeper and relying on the perfect combination of hardware and software of M6, Skyworth will surely raise a new wave in the Tablet PC market.