Skyworth Electrical Appliance Custom-made Tablet PC for New China Life Insurance (NCI)


Customized Service Rolled out with Customer Orientation as the Goal
Skyworth Electrical Appliance Custom-made Tablet PC for New China Life Insurance (NCI)
The Office of Financial Insurance Intelligentized and Portable

    With your tablet PC, you can proceed with financial insurance by swiping your card whenever and wherever you are. With the device, NCI employees all over the country have higher confidence and expectations in their performance in 2013. As reporters learnt from Skyworth Electrical Appliance, the company rolled out customized service guided by “customer orientation”. Since Dec. 17, 2012, the Tablet PC T10 it custom-made for NCI has been put into use. The product will greatly enhance the business handling efficiency of NCI employees and fulfill office intelligentization and portability. Her appearance has brought a lot of surprise to the elites of the industry. Why is T10 becoming the focus of the financial industry? The reporters have looked into this issue recently.

    Tablet PC T10 is a financial tablet PC especially designed and developed for NCI by Skyworth Electrical Appliance. At the end of August 2012, NCI signed the letter of intent with Skyworth Electrical Appliance. The high-level leaders of the latter paid considerable attention to the cooperation. After communicating and discussing with NCI for times, and confirming the client’s actual needs of business development, T10 project was officially launched at the beginning of September. Since T10 is a financial tablet PC, it’s ideal for the employees in the industry of finance and insurance. The high requirements and uniqueness of product functions posed great difficulty and pressure to the research and development team of Skyworth. With the guidance of “Fighting against the odds to attain success”, Skyworth research and development team overcame many difficulties. Under the precondition of guaranteeing high quality products, it has built a body with complete functions for T10.

    T10 has a unique and novel exterior design, which is totally consistent with the “supreme” corporate image of financial and insurance industry. Based on the market’s mainstream Android 4.1 operational platform, the 1G system memory and 16G hard disc display the “powerfulness” of T10; it supports full-function 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS and payment by swiping card, which shows the “intelligence” of T10. Besides, it has also been installed with several apps and tools for office and entertainment, which meets the diversified needs of the users.

    In order to make it easy for the clients to get familiar with the use method of T10, early in December 2012, Xiao Fuli, the product manager of Skyworth T10 made a detailed introduction to the product specifications and the use method at Shenzhen Bao’an Bonanza Hotel&Spa. On that day, 150 senior training lecturers and senior business managers of NCI from all over the country experienced the charm of T10 in person. They gave a high recognition and comment on the experience of T10.

    In the whole course of the project cooperation between Skyworth Electrical Appliance and NCI, the high-level executives of NCI also attached high importance to the T10 project. In the middle of December 2012, Kang Dian, the president of NCI led a delegation of executives in person from Beijing to Shenzhen to visit the site of Skyworth Industrial Park at Shiyan, Shenzhen. Wu Qi’nan, the general manager with Skyworth Electrical Appliance accompanied the delegation and introduced the production and specific production process of T10. At the workshop of Skyworth Electrical Appliance, the delegation led by Kang Dian (the president of NCI) expressed high recognition and comments on the strict requirements in product quality and the smooth and serious operational procedures of Skyworth Electrical Appliance.

    After the smooth shipment of T10, NCI expressed extreme satisfaction on the cooperation with Skyworth Electrical Appliance. Meanwhile, T10 also infused the domestic market of tablet PC with a new power. Its promotion and application has become a “leading product” for the office intelligentization and portability of financial and insurance industries, which is good for enhancing the customers’ crave and attention for the tablet PC made by Skyworth Electrical Appliance.

    The cooperation between Skyworth Electrical Appliance and NCI was proved a win-win strategy to each party. The successful development and promotion of T10 has opened up a new era for domestic market of tablet PC.